Thursday, June 30, 2011

Piano Lessons

     Josh found my old keyboard under the bed awhile back and decided that he would like to learn to play the piano, so I talked with Evelyn Wiebke, or more important to Josh, Gerik's grandma, and asked her to let us know if she ever had an opening.  She called before we left for Colorado and let us know we could start coming!!!  I asked her to please be honest with me and let me know if she thought this would not be a good venture on our part.  Josh had his first lesson on Tuesday and he loved it!  Although you couldn't tell because his voice was NEVER above a whisper while we were there and he never made ANY sounds come from her piano.  Every question that she asked he answered correctly, he just wouldn't play the piano for her!  He has been practicing for at least 20 minutes every day and loves it!  I hope the next time we go he will decide to play her piano too!

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