Sunday, July 10, 2011

"I be Good Now Mom"

     The concept of time is very hard for any 10 year old, but it is especially hard if you are a 10 year old with DS.  Josh doesn't understand that he doesn't get to do something that he wants because he was naughty earlier.  He tries and tries to talk us into letting him do what he wants, his favorite saying right now is "I be good now Mom."  So now I have the task of trying to make him understand that it is good that he is being good now but he still doesn't get to do what he wants because of his actions from earlier.  I even drew a picture of his entire day and put things in it that he does through out the day to try to make him understand that concept of time, the fact that he has to try to be good all the time and yes there will be times when he does get in trouble and even times when he finds that he needs help to not get in trouble and both of those things are ok.  In the end I have decided this, I wish that the actual time could go as slow as it takes for Josh to grasp the concept of time because then I would have more time to enjoy my special boy!

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