Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ah Ha Moments

     Have you ever had one of those moments, an Ah Ha moment?  You know what I mean, when that little lightbulb comes on and everything is perfectly clear.  For me that moment happened Thursday.  For months now Josh has been telling us that he wants to ride a horse for his birthday.  We have been trying to understand where this idea came from with no luck at all.  We don't own a horse, real or stick.  There are no horses close enough to us to make him take notice.  No family friends even have horses, but still he keeps insisting he wants to ride a horse.  The other day we went into the Apothecary to pick up a prescription and Josh started a conversation with Beth the pharmacist.  He was talking to her about his upcoming birthday and she asked him what he wanted to do and without hesitation he told her, "Ride a horse."  She told him she thought it was an awesome idea and then asked him why.  Now you need to understand that when Josh talks with an adult he doesn't know well and they ask a question he always turns to his dad or myself and asks us the same question, so when he did just that I told him I didn't know, it was his idea, and then he said, "You know Mom ride a horse, just like a prince does, you know like in Shrek when he rode the horse and got Princess Fiona!"  The biggest lightbulb ever came on in my head, and a great big smile to match it!

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