Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Best Day Yet

     You would have thought that the best day yet was back in March when Joshua looked at the school lunch menu for April and realized that they are having white cake on his birthday!!!  Then you would have thought that the best day yet was the other day when we went shopping for birthday supplies and Josh got to make out the list, it included everything from napkins, candles, treat bags, and even a peatta (Joshua's words)!  But then today when Josh got the mail from the mailbox and realized he had a Birthday card already it was just the GREATEST thing ever!  He read it over and over again and showed it to everyone who came in the house, even Colonel!  Who would have thought that a card from Kirby Kangaroo could make someone have the best day yet?!?!?!!  But for me life with Josh isn't measured in best days, but in best for instance I got to share an orange float with him, he even go two straws.  It was the best moment yet, looking into those beautiful hazel eyes and thanking God for this best moment yet was the best thing I could ask for!

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