Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fighting for the Wrong Thing?

     Josh is in the fourth grade this year.  We have really come a long way!  At first my goal for him was to keep up with his peers.  That meant Mom's homework after regular homework and tons of therapy, speech, pt and ot.  Now after half of his fourth grade career and his IEP meeting I am really questioning my motives for all of this extra work I have piled on my son.  Josh is Josh and he is a wonderful, capable, captivating yound man!  Now that doesn't mean I won't push him to do his best, but I have learned that he needs time to just be a boy.  If you asked me I would say, "Josh has lots of buddies at school, but no true friends."  I say this because I can count with one finger how many birthday parties he has been invited to, or even how many times he has been invited to a friends house to play.  This hurts me tremendously, but I don't think it bothers Josh.  Now don't get me wrong.   I know he has feeling because I have seen him vent those feelings towards his brothers when they take something from him, or change the channel while Josh is watching TV.  But I haven't seen those feeling come out yet when he sees a buddy on the bus bring home a friend to play with.  At first I thought I should encourage him to invite buddies from school over and we would play WII and Playstation and all those other cool games boys these days like, but I realized that this was wrong, they wouldn't be coming over to really get to know Josh.  Then I realized in His time he will meet a true friend and I really shouldn't be worried!  For now this means I have more time with Josh!  And I can stop fighting for the wrong thing! 

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